Welp Date- 3-27-19

"Annie" is our spitfire and will be an amazing up and coming birddog. She is feisty and loves her birds. We can't wait to see how she does outside of the training field. Incredible nose and brains to back it up. She is also sweet with family members and young children and enjoys riding anywhere in the truck. She is fearless when it comes to trying new things, luckily she took to water after a few swims with the older dogs and now is enthusiastic to go to the pond.  




Ozarks' Mighty Raven

Welp Date- 1-3-18

 "Raven" is possibly the most level headed dog that has ever graced our doorstep. She is extremely eager to please and sweet natured. Has been wonderful to train, and in the field is amazing to handle. If there was a way to describe her hunting style, you'd have to say she hunts "like a lady". She isn't just running around in a field looking for a bird-- she works it. She knows how to be efficient, understands how to use the wind, has an excellent nose, and loves to retrieve! She also adapts well to different hunting and situations. Not only that but the girl has style! 


Seamus is our special dog, really the dog that started our love for gundogs. As a British style lab he lives up to the hype and can easily handle giant geese. Creeping up on 7 years old, he still has the drive and passion he did as a pup. Strong retrieves, dedicated search for downed birds, and he loves to be loved on! Everyone enjoys hunts with him, because he is obedient and is a true pleasure to watch. He has hunted in some extreme weather and never has slowed down or let it effect his ability to return game. He has hunted all over Missouri, on rivers, ponds, and big lakes, always adapting to water and weather conditions. Seamus has two favorite words- "Watch" and "SEAMUS!"


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