Planned breedings for summer 2022 


Picking goes in order of deposits taken. Puppies come with full AKC and NAVHDA registration, microchip, vaccines and records, along with dew claw and tail docking. Remainder of balance is due at pick up. Buyer must be able to pick up puppies within the 7th to 8th week.
Updates will be given each week to buyers. 
The deposit is non-refundable unless seller can’t provide a healthy puppy due to unforeseen circumstances.
Buyers will be asked to complete a NAVHDA Natural Ability test before the pup is 16 month old, with full breeder support! 

Radar x Raven
Sundance Luftwaffe Radar UT1
Ozark's Mighty Raven SH

Levi x Annie
VC AKC GCH / UKC USJ BIMBS GRCH High Cal's Levi Von Strauss of Abbe Lane BN MH JHR RDX
Smokin' Hot Annie MH NA1

Levi x Annie


We are beyond honored to have the opportunity to breed to such a well rounded and stunning stud such as Levi. Lynn Taylor at High Caliber Kennels has given Levi not only the opportunity to shine in the field, but also in the show ring, retriever tests, dock diving, and so much more.

  He is a medium range bird dog that has worked grouse, woodcock, pheasant, chukar, and quail. He was born with a natural retrieve, loves the water and is very biddable. Levi is also a wonderful family companion with a loving temperament.  


Please visit High Caliber Kennels for complete information on Levi along with health testing and pedigree!


Annie is a tried and true wild bird dog and really shines on wild pheasant. She has also proved herself on huns, sharptail grouse, and quail. Annie is great with our kids and she loves adventure just as much as we do. From Missouri, to Kansas, to Montana, to South Dakota she never lets me down in the field or woods and is wonderful at changing her range for different cover.

She has been fun to train and handle and I always look forward to our next test or hunt.


Only 4 male and 4 female deposits are taken before the litter is born.

However, if you would like to be added to the waitlist please feel free to contact us! 


Pick 1 Wigren
Pick 2 Scott
Pick 3 Feutz
Pick 4 Prater 


Pick 1  HCK
Pick 2  Smith
Pick 3  SRK
Pick 4 J. Wigren 

Radar x Raven


Radar is an example of strong genetics and good training. He has a great combination of compliance yet independence to go the extra mile in pursuit of game showing strong intelligence. He has been hunted in Kansas, Missouri, Montana, South Dakota and Iowa on a variety of upland game with an emphasis on pheasant with exposure to bobwhite quail, sharptailed grouse, greater prairie chicken and gray/Hungarian partridge.




He has proven himself many times by pointing extremely wild/late season pheasant on heavily hunted public land within 20 minutes of Des Moines, IA in addition to other challenges such as safely sharing a house with two small boys all of his life showing he's a great family pet as well. Radar was bred by Fred Rice. Radar is co-owned by Reed Herzig & Fred Rice and trained by many including Fred Rice, Kurt McKeown, Tate Stratton, and Reed Herzig.  

Radar is currently 13 years old, and healthy. However, this will be a frozen semen breeding!
More on Radar including testing and health can be found here


Raven hold a special place in my kennel. She has shown me not only what a wild bird dog is, but also how amazingly loyal and loving this breed can be. She has been to Montana on sharp-tail grouse, to my kids birthday parties, to Kansas on late season pheasant, to camping out on the couch. She truly shows the on and off switch that the breed was built on. Since day one she was outgoing and independent, but also willing to please. She has thrown pups that have been proven on wild birds from Oregon to New York. This dog has given me so much, and I can't wait for more hunting, training, testing, and family time with her. 




Only 4 male and 4 female deposits are taken before the litter is born.

However, if you would like to be added to the waitlist please feel free to contact us! 


Pick 1 Abbs
Pick 2 Ivy Creek
Pick 3 Wigren
Pick 4 


Pick 1 Diehl
Pick 2  Laurin
Pick 3  Kinney
Pick 4 Wigren